Do I need an antivirus for Mac?

Do I need to install the antivirus on a Mac and which one should I choose? 
– Timothy

Hello, Timofey.

The operating system macOS is much less vulnerable to viruses and malware than Windows. Many Mac users never use antivirus software and do not experience the associated problems.

However, this does not mean that there are no viruses for macOS.

There are viruses for Mac, but most of them are aimed at using the powers of another’s computer, displaying advertisements or stealing user personal data. Viruses that can disrupt the operation of the operating system is extremely small.

Malicious programs most often fall on the Mac through third-party applications, the risk of picking up the virus by simply walking through the network is minimal.

To protect yourself, you can install programs exclusively from the App Store. In the application store, all software is checked by moderators and there is no risk of infection.

If you need programs or games that are not in the store – choose reliable and proven. Applications for the Mac are not so many, most of them have long been known to users and tested for viruses.

Even if after that you want to install an antivirus, here are reliable and proven options:

The choice is yours.

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