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Ax of improved design

The design was invented by Bob Konolia in 1975. As the legend says, he did not like to chop wood with an ordinary ax: the blade stuck in the wood. The neighbor’s advice – to cut at an angle of 45 degrees – helped, but Bob noticed that at that angle some of the impact energy is lost. Then Bob began to think.

The fruit of reflection was Chopper1 Ax (in translation – “ax woodcutter”). Bob received a patent for his design and took the prototype to the National Tool Fair in Chicago, where the ax was accepted with ecstasy. The production of axes grew, Konolia entered the Canadian market, its instrument was sold by the largest retailers.

The projections allow you to cut the log with straight strokes and do not leave the blade inside; The blade and its movable elements work like a wedge.

In 1989, Bob decided to tackle other projects and stopped the production of axes. He was bombarded with letters – questions and requests to revive Chopper1 Ax. Now an improved ax can be bought through the official website. The style of doing business corresponds to the product: no refunds, closed on weekends, no discounts and sales. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted. The handle is long, wooden. Tried to make from fiberglass, it was expensive.

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