Apple Watch Series 4 found a serious problem

Less than two weeks ago, Apple introduced the next generation of smart watches Apple Watch Series 4. The other day, users began to receive orders with the long-awaited gadget. But instead of the joy and euphoria of some buyers, disappointment waited.

One of the users of Reddit shares a problem that is either massively or only affected by its copy of Apple Watch.

Today updated with Apple Watch S0 to aluminum S4. And then he noticed that when the crown was pressed, the clock could not respond. 

In order for the clock to react, it is necessary to press directly on the center of the crown with effort. When you try to click on the edge of the button, a characteristic click is heard, but no action is taking place on the screen. The operation in this case is about 30 – 50%. 

Having decided to compare the work of the crown with S0, I began to press it at different points of the circle. It’s strange, but the past generation of watches reacted to pressing any, even minor force and from any face. That is, on the old Apple Watch S0, wherever I press the crown, the clock responds to the click. 

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Tomorrow I plan to go to the Apple Store and change or return the clock.

Here is the ambiguous behavior of the updated Digital Crown. The button responds to pressing only under certain conditions, and this is clearly abnormal.

Whether this is a massive problem or not, we will find out a little later. In the meantime, when buying Apple Watch Series 4, pay attention to the work of the crown. Reddit ]

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