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Amazon released a voice-controlled microwave


Amazon Company presented AmazonBasics Microwave – a microwave oven, which can be controlled with the help of the voice assistant Alexa. The microwave is synchronized with the smart Amazon Echo column and, in addition to being turned on by the user’s request, also knows how to order the grains for popcorn when they end, and sets the proper mode of operation. The novelty is reported by TechCrunch.

For the first time, the voice assistant Alexa was used in the center of the smart house Amazon Echo, which was introduced in 2014. With an internet connection, Alexa can manage other devices, respond to users’ searches, or broadcast music. Despite the fact that initially the assistant was designed for a smart company column, he can also work in the browser , and not so long ago the company began to introduce it into other devices: Alexa is now in cars and even a refrigerator.

The new microwave oven of the company itself is not equipped with an assistant: you will need to use the Echo column to control it. With it you can ask the voice assistant to turn on the microwave for a certain time or indicate which product needs to be warmed up, in which case the oven will set the settings on its own.

The gadget is also equipped with the Ask Alexa button, which allows you to control the microwave remotely without having to name the helper. Also, the microwave is equipped with a special button for making popcorn, and using the application on a mobile phone, you can sign a “subscription” for its delivery: in the event that Alexa realizes that popcorn ends, she will order more.

The cost of a microwave oven is 60 dollars. Now the device is available for pre-order on the company’s website, and the official sale will come on November 14. 

Also, during the presentation Amazon introduced Echo Input (“Alexa in the box” for connecting to third-party speakers), updated Echo Plus and Echo Dot, smart plugs, wall clock with Bluetooth and a number of other devices.

You can also synchronize the voice assistant with the devices yourself. Recently, we tried to teach Alice how to use a coffee machine: what happened – read in our blog.

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