The third short film directed by “Region No. 9”, inspired by “Something” and “Stranger”

Dakota Fanning, the polar station and the lies of corporations.

Updated (10:00): In the video on YouTube appeared built-in Russian subtitles.

Studio director Neil Blomkampa Oats presented a short film “Zygote” (Zygote). The action of the painting takes place in the near future at one of the stations located in the zone of the polar circle. According to the plot of the film, only two out of 98 members of the base’s staff survive. They are forced to flee from the monster, which consists of parts of the bodies of the remaining workers of the station. The situation is complicated by the fact that the creature gets access to the consciousness of the absorbed people, and its main goal is to kill.

In an interview with The Verge, the director described the background of Zygote: in 2040, a torrent of asteroids, containing unique metals and semiconductors, unknown to mankind, hit the Earth. Mining corporations quickly grew and became the analogue of Google in the 21st century. One of the meteorites was trapped inside: it contained a ray of light that “transmits gigabytes of data” directly to the brain of those who find it.

This is what happens to the miners: they received instructions for creating a biological solution, through which light can exist. This substance first absorbed all the organic matter, and then began to make a part of itself people, turning into a huge monster.

Experimental shorts from the studio Oats lasting about 20 minutes appear every two weeks, and in between they publish short conceptual videos.

Two already released films somehow related to military themes: in the first the army of resistance opposed the alien invaders, and in the second soldier in Vietnam fought with the mystical River God. On July 7, the studio released a short sketch about God with Sharlto Copley in the title role.

The fourth film will be the last in the first cycle of Oats shorts. It was called “Lima” and should be released on July 27. Director Neil Blomkamp told The Verge that this will be a thriller, the action of which will take place in our days.

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