The second experimental short film by Neil Blomkamp about what is behind the war in Vietnam

Alternative story with an admixture of science fiction and mysticism from the director of “Region No. 9”.

The action of the movie “Base” (Firebase) takes place in 1970 in Vietnam. In the center of the plot is the soldier Hynes, who, in a team with a CIA agent, encounters an inexplicable entity – the River God. A being can curl space and time and influence the mind of people. In addition, the dead near him come to life, but under the skin they become a kind of spider.

This is the second of four experimental shorts by Neil Blomkamp, ​​which the director produces at his studio Oats. Shooting “Base” took place in the jungles of South Africa. According to the director, it was the cheapest place in which the team was able to get the real army helicopters “Huey” (Bell UH-1 ).

The first film “Raccoon” talked about the world after the attack of aggressive reptilians. The picture was also published on YouTube and collected 2.4 million views in two weeks.

Blomkamp let the Verge know that the next short film will be called “Zygote” (Zygote) and the main role in it will be played by Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds).

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