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The prosecutor’s office began checking the gymnasium in Perm, where they did not let a schoolgirl with pink hair

The management allegedly had no right to suspend the student – this is not provided for by federal or local laws.

Photo from Instagram Zinaida Agisheva

The Perm public prosecutor’s office started checking the Gymnasium No. 4 after the Brothers Kamenskikhs after the 10th grade student Zinaida Agisheva was removed from her studies because of her pink hair and lack of school uniform.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the girl had no right to be discharged from school, since this is not provided for by the federal legislation or by the statutory acts of the gymnasium. In addition, the documents of the school did not specify certain requirements for the color and length of the hair of students.

The Prosecutor’s Office instituted proceedings on an administrative offense under part 1 of Article 5.57 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (violation or unlawful restriction of the right to education). The Office was also introduced by the deputy head of the Perm administration.

September 7, it became known that two senior girls, including the daughter of the deputy of the city Duma, Zinaida Agisheva, were forbidden to attend classes in Gymnasium No. 4. According to the publication 59. Ru, Agishcheva wrote about this in the instagram, but failed to find the publication.

I went to school, the head teacher caught me and said that it was not my hair. And she sent me to the director, who said she was removing me from the lessons and advised me to choose another curriculum or school. There’s nothing to be angry with, walking with such a head.

Zinaida Agisheva

The same problem was faced by another high school student, and Agisheva asked for a written order for dismissal. According to the document, there are school rules on which students are forbidden to dye their hair, wear extravagant haircuts, massive jewelry, more than one pair of earrings and piercings. Agishev was removed because of dyeing his hair and replacing the classical costume with a “set of matching clothes” without the emblem of the gymnasium. It had to be restored after the violations were eliminated.

On September 11, schoolgirls returned to the gymnasium. Agisheva’s mother told 59.Ru that her daughters were first offered to go to home schooling, but she still was able to attend classes. She noted that she would not force her daughter to change her hair color.

In the city department of education, the publication “City 342” was told that the school can issue normative acts as an independent legal entity. In gymnasium No. 4, such an act was approved by the headmaster and the chairman of the parent committee.

Point 6.1 of the regulations states that for all students a neat business hairstyle is mandatory, hair dyeing and extravagant haircuts are prohibited. At the same time, the management of the educational institution has no grounds to limit the child’s right to access to education. In a specific case, the issue of expelling a child from school is not worth it.

Department of Education of Perm
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