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The Ministry of Defense rejected the discrepancies in the dates on the documents of the missile that shot down Boeing. Earlier they were discovered by Novaya Gazeta

The military department said that the authenticity of the documents “does not cause doubts”, but did not rule out additional expertise.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia rejected the suppositions that the documents on the missed Malaysian Boeing missile have inconsistencies in the dates. At the same time, the agency reported that it can conduct additional examination of documents.

On September 18, Novaya Gazeta drew attention to the fact that in the “restored original” formular for the engine is the production date of December 24, 1986. In this case, the restoration of the original document was dated January 14, 1986. Novaya Gazeta suggested that the submitted document was edited and may not be relevant to the rocket.

The ministry said that the authenticity of the documents made public on September 17 at the briefing in Moscow “is beyond doubt”. The Ministry of Defense explained that the words “reconstructed original” refer not to a specific document, but to a reference form on the engine from which documents for each copy were replicated. The department added that when the reference form became unusable, an exact copy was created instead, which was called the “restored original”. Replication of the forms continued with him.

Information about this was reflected in the margins of this document. Thus, the form of the engine, presented during the briefing of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, was copied from the original, which was restored on January 14, 1986, which is what the entry made in the form says.

Ministry of Defense of Russia

On September 17, the Ministry of Defense held a briefing, in which it stated that the missile of the Buk anti-aircraft system, which was shot down by the MN-17, was sent to Ukraine in 1986.

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