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The manufacturer of toothbrushes apologized for advertising for students with the slogan “Spit or swallow”

And for a pamphlet, which was called “offensive” and “sexist.”

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The company Brushbox, which provides toothbrushes on a subscription, apologized for the advertising campaign at Sussex University of England. Marketers gave the first-year students a brochure with the slogan “Spit or swallow” and a photograph of the female mouth, from which the foam from the toothpaste flows.

As BuzzFeed learned , the advertising campaign promoted the need to monitor oral hygiene and regularly brush your teeth. On the brochures they wrote the text: “If you swallow or spit in the daily oral regimen, put your oral health on the autopilot from Brushbox.” Kits with brushes and booklets entered the Dig-In-bags, sent to all incoming students.

This caused discontent among some students.


“Imagine, you are an energetic and bright student who is excited by her admission to one of the leading universities in the country, and find it in her bag. Sexism remains sexism even in jest. Women deserve more ”

“It’s disgusting”

“To whom did this seem like a good idea? Let me guess, a teenage boy? ”
After that, representatives of Brushbox acknowledged their mistake and apologized: “We realized that it was inappropriate and incorrect to use such a picture to inform students.” The university student union also expressed disappointment with the advertising campaign and promised that it would be more careful to check the products of the partners.

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