The first reactions of the owners of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

We saw dozens of opinions and reviews on new Apple smartphones from major publications. But what do ordinary users think about this?

Today, the official sales of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in the US started. Those who have pre-ordered have already received their devices.

That’s what they say:

I had 7+, then X, and I really missed the Plus size, so I switched to Xs +. The size of the screen is simply unreal. As for the hands, it suits me (I have big hands) a little more than X, which is strange. But all this is so nice. – shooter03 from the forum MacRumors

The user Reddit with the nickname jtx660 also was pleased with the smartphone. He said that after the transition from the iPhone 7 Plus to the new iPhone XS Max, he realized how cool and bright the screen was in the latter.

The first thing I noticed was the huge 6.5-inch OLED panel. It is very bright. The OLED screen is what really stood out most.

Ok, the camera. My God, autofocus is ridiculously fast. Putting his hand in front of the camera and removing it, she INSTANTLY (almost) focuses.

I’m amazed at how they were able to make autofocus faster than in the fast and fast 7 Plus camera. I have not tested 4K-video at 60 frames per second and all the other functions.

I never liked the huge size of the pluses. Especially with these frames. For me, X was perfect, but after a while I still wanted to enlarge the screen. With Max, the weight difference does not bother me, because X is also heavy.

Max is perfect for my pockets. In fact, I did not feel the difference inside the thin jeans in which I was today. It seems that this smartphone is faster and smoother than my X, running on iOS 12.

I already used X with both hands for typing, emails, forums and so on … so Max is right for me. – MacRumors reader

As expected, all the owners were satisfied. Apple once again was able to please ordinary inhabitants. Macrumors ]

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