The director of “Region No. 9” Neil Blomkamp released the second sketch about God. In it, the creator sends a fire and a tornado to people

The producer continued the cycle of stories “about the creator”.

Oats Studios directed by Neil Blomkamp released a new video about God. According to the plot of the video, the “creator” becomes bored on one of Saturday evenings and he sends a fire to the city with people, and then kills all those who survived with the help of a tornado.

Studio Neal Blomkamp is engaged in the production of experimental shorts, between which produces small sketches. However, the last full-length short film “Zygote” with Dakota Fanning was released in June 2017.

Since then the studio has released several clips of the “Adam” series on the Unity engine and started raising funds for the full-length version of the movie Firebase. However kraudfandingovaya campaign was unsuccessful and all the sponsors returned the money.

Neil Blomkamp has repeatedly spoken about working on the last short film in the Volume 1 series called “Lima” and even published her teaser, but the film has not come out yet. Now the director has three projects at the same time: the Greenland film with Chris Evans, the new Robocop and the adaptation of the book The Disappeared World.

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