Specialists iFixit dismantled the new iPhone and found a couple of differences

The new iPhone XS and XS Max went on sale, and the craftsmen from iFixit finally managed to impose their skillful hands on them and dismantle them to the ground. As a result, they noted that the interior has not changed much, but there are some differences from the previous generation, which Apple did not mention.

In particular, the additional antenna moved to the place where there used to be a microphone opening. The very same antenna allows you to achieve much higher bandwidth in LTE networks, which has already demonstrated the first tests.

The Taptic Engine has been enlarged in the XS Max model, and the motherboard has also been extended.

At the camera, the size of the wide-angle sensor was increased by 32%, as was the size of each individual pixel, and the size of the edging around the camera. So not all cases from the past iPhone will fit the novelties.

The iPhone XS has a battery of 2659 mAh, weighs 39.5 g. Experts say that this is less than the last generation. The battery has a new configuration: instead of an L-shaped battery of two cells, Apple has made a new single-cell battery. iPhone XS Max boasts a battery of 3179 mAh, which weighs 46.6 grams.

Experts estimated the maintainability of the novelty at a rather high 6 points out of 10. Among the most vulnerable places is called the glass back panel, as if damaged, almost every component and the whole case of the device will have to be changed.

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