“Kyuryoshiti”/Curiosity  suspended scientific work due to problems with data transmission


Rover “Kyuriositi”/Curiosity suspended operation of scientific instruments due to problems with data transfer from the memory device, in the rest of the rover is operating normally, according to a report on the mission site.

The problem with the transfer of data recorded in the memory of the device, appeared on Saturday, September 15. In addition to data from memory, the rover can transmit information in real time, including its status, and this system works in its normal mode. “Engineers increase the amount of information that the rover transmits in real time to better diagnose the problem. Since the amount of information transmitted in this way is limited, it will take some time to diagnose, “the report said.

On Monday and Tuesday, engineers working with the rover temporarily disconnected working scientific instruments, data from which can not yet be stored in the device’s memory. They also prepare a spare computer called “Curiosity”, which may be required to diagnose the main computer. As noted in the message, scientists during this pause are studying the data collected by the rover on the Vera Rubin ridge, and are looking for a suitable place for another drilling attempt.

“Curiosity” has been working on the surface of Mars since 2012. In early September, the rover sent a panorama of the Martian landscape during a dust storm. And the best pictures of the rover for six years can be seen in our material “Martian”.

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