IPhone sales started: queues in pens and first buyers

Today, the global launch of new iPhone sales took place. Naturally, in front of Apple’s branded stores, queues of fans lined up, who want to be among the first to become owners of the iPhone XS and XS Max. While the most impressive queue can boast of Singapore.

Naturally, the queue was formed a few days before the start of official sales. And by this morning it was transformed into a long, but neat snake from the Singaporeans sitting on the ground.

Surprisingly, the queues in European countries (at least in photos from social networks) do not look so presentable.

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The line started… The queue is small but it will grow! People wait outside the Apple Store for the the new iPhone (2018 colorized) #iphonex #iphone10 #iphonexs #iphone10s #iphonexsmax #iphone10smax #iphonexr #iphone10r #iphone #applestore #vienna #vienna_city #vienna_austria #viennaaustria #wien

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And here is the first buyer in Dubai. He is greeted and followed with applause.

But this guy decided to buy just 6 smartphones for his large family (in fact, no).

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