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In Peru, candidate Hitler goes to the elections with the slogan “Candidate from the people”, but he is hampered by Lenin

Strange political struggle in a small Peruvian district.

A resident of Peru, Hitler Alba Sanchez nominated a candidate for the post of head of a small district of Yungar. But he wanted to prevent Lenin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverden, who wrote a statement to the electoral body with a demand to deny Hitler the right to run for office. As reported by Reuters, Vladimir’s statement was not satisfied.

The elections will be held on October 7. Sanchez Hitler is running for “We are Peru” party, calls himself “good Hitler” and uses the slogan “Hitler is a candidate from the people” for agitation. The candidate stressed that he did not sympathize with the fascist Germany.

In Latin America , names are distributed in honor of famous historical figures. In addition to Hitler and Lenin, you can meet people with the names Trotsky, Stalin or Roosevelt.

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