I fell in love with “Commands” from iOS 12. I use every day and I advise you

In 2017, Apple bought an application for automation called Workflow. First, the company made it free, and a year later rebranded and closely associated with iOS 12 .

If the Workflow program is already installed, just update it. If not, download the “Commands” from the App Store .

The interface of the program remained unchanged, and its main innovation was the binding to the Siri tags. Activate the chain of tasks is now possible not only with a single tap, but also with a simple voice command.

The vast gallery of ready-made teams has not disappeared anywhere . For this material, I found it most useful , which I already use almost every day. With the help of these I accelerated the work with the iPhone about 5 times.

1. Turn on your favorite playlist in the wheelbarrow voice


I get into the car and get it. At this time, the iPhone automatically 

I say “Hi, Siri” to activate the assistant, and I use the voice command “I’m in the car.”

Siri immediately launches the “Rhythmic” playlist, in which I regularly add the most drivey dance and electronic compositions from Apple Music:

I switch the box to Drive and the food on business. The mood is on the rise, and I did not have to perform any additional actions.

I used the Play Playlist command . Added to it the selected list and the phrase for Siri “I’m in the car.”

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2. Quickly share geography in an unfamiliar city


I live in the Ukrainian south, but I’m in other regions of Ukraine, Russia and Europe. For example, I regularly visit the Moscow office of
and often erase sneakers in the cities of the old world.

Now I’m planning a trip to Paris and I add the command “Transfer of geo-location” not only to myself, but also to the iPhone of my wife.

With it, you can quickly copy the location address from the “Maps” and share a link to it through iMessage. This will provide an opportunity to find each other if we get lost at Disneyland or get lost in the Louvre.

The phrase for Siri in this case does not add. This command is easier to use from an application or using a widget.

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3. I call my favorite contacts with a simple command


Siri and without the “Commands” can call the contacts. To do this, just activate it and say “Siri, call Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich.”

Nevertheless, with the recognition of Russian names it is still bad … What to do?

For all selected entries in the phone book, I set short phrases through the “Speed ​​Dial”command .

Now it’s enough for me to activate the assistant through “Hello, Siri”, and then just say “Vanka”. It’s comfortable.

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4. I follow the daily consumption of water


More than once wrote about applications that control how much fluid you drink throughout the day. This is especially important if you have hard work, and you forget to drink banal.

Yes, it happens.

Now you can use the command “Journal of water consumption” .


It will record the amount of liquid consumed directly into the Health application.

When you add this command from the gallery, configure its operation: select the water volume options in the “List” menu (after the activation of the command you will have a choice), and the units of measurement in the “Value” line.

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5. Automatically create playlists for Apple Watch


First I use the command “Create playlist” 25 most frequently played “” . It forms a list of songs I listen most often on the iPhone and Mac.

After that, I throw the Apple Watch on the charge and turn to the Watch app on the iPhone. Here I select the “Music” section and synchronize it with the clock.

Now I can easily go to the gym without the iPhone. I take only Apple Watch and favorite wireless headphones Beats Powerbeat3 Wireless.

In principle, for this I could use an automatic playlist service. However, with the help of it you can not fix a set of records – only popular today.

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6. I make collages from the photo without additional software


For this I use the “Photo grid” command .

With it you can make a simple collage of pictures, to share it with friends through instant messengers or to post on social networks.

Collages of 2×2 and 3×3 are best. This is what I most often use

Unfortunately, there are no additional settings when composing a collage.

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All this is only a small part of the “Commands”


This is only a small part of the tasks that can be automated using the “Commands” application. It is very important that they are all closely related to the system and can even be used in conjunction with the Siri phrases.

You can also search for links on Twitter, calculate travel time, upload files, view news, create PDF from any documents and not only.

The only negative – while one team is running, the other will not work, because it will interrupt the first. I hope this is fixed in the updates.

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