Huawei distributed free portable batteries to people in line for new iPhones. With a note: “You will need them”

So the Chinese company recalled that the smartphone Apple has less battery capacity than the flagships of competitors.

On the night of September 21, before the Apple Store in Singapore, a queue of people who want to be the first to get smartphones iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. A few hours before the start of sales to the store came the employees of the Chinese company Huawei, who started distributing free branded portable batteries to everyone.

In Huawei told CNet that more than 200 people received gifts. The cost of batteries for 10 000 mAh is about 60 dollars. Buyers of new iPhones noted that on each package there was an inscription: “This is a portable battery. You will need it. A gift from Huawei. “

Photos of Yahoo News

Journalists agreed that Huawei hinted at the small battery capacity of new iPhones with its share. At the presentation, Apple did not disclose the average time of work, new products, noting only that the iPhone XS works half an hour longer than the iPhone X, and the iPhone XS Max – for an hour and a half.

Later, the media learned that the battery capacity of the iPhone XS is less than last year’s flagship: 2.658 mAh vs. 2.716 mAh in the X version. “Apple will say that it is impossible to put a larger battery in such a case. But Samsung also managed to install a battery in 4000 at 4000 mAh in Note 9, ” Forbes noted . The capacity of the battery in the flagship of the Huawei P20 Pro is also 4000 mAh.

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