How much memory will be freed if you remove from iOS 12 built-in applications

Until the release of iOS 11 to remove regular applications on mobile devices, Apple had to arrange real dances with a tambourine. Install special profiles or jailbreak. And not always it helped.

In iOS 11, it became possible to remove most applications from the regular program set, but with one condition.

The applications themselves were not deleted. With Springboard, only the corresponding icon was missing, but the memory of the device did not unload it.

Finally, 11 years after the release of the first version of the mobile OS, Apple allowed to completely remove the regular applications. This innovation appeared in iOS 12.

Let’s figure out what is expedient to delete and what it will give us.

What can I remove in iOS 12 and how much memory can I win?

Immediately it is worth mentioning that the removal of regular applications is an inefficient way to save space on the smartphone. However, in some cases, you can help out a couple hundred extra megabytes.

For owners of iPhones with 8 GB and 16 GB of internal memory is a tangible gift.

So, in iOS 12 you can remove 25 regular applications. The size of each is very small.

  • Activity – about 1.8 MB
  • Apple Books – 1.3 MB
  • Calculator – 716 KB
  • Calendar – 1.2 MB
  • Compass – 778 KB
  • Contacts – 915 KB
  • FaceTime – 1.3 MB
  • Files – 542 KB
  • Find friends – 1 MB
  • House – 1.1 MB
  • iTunes Store – 743 KB
  • Mail – 1.7 MB
  • Maps – 1.4 MB
  • Roulette – 594 KB
  • Music – 1.8 MB
  • Notes – 910 KB
  • Photo Booth – 636 KB
  • Podcasts – 2.7 MB
  • Reminders – 1.2 MB
  • Shares – 1.4 MB
  • Tips – 796 KB
  • Video – 737 KB
  • Dictaphone – 833 KB
  • Watch – 797 KB
  • Weather – 1.7 MB

Total removal of all applications will release about 30 MB. But this is only at first glance.

The fact is that each application can contain cache files that take up additional space.

Therefore, everything is individual here: someone will thus free 50-60 MB, and someone – more than a gigabyte.

What happens if I delete Contacts or FaceTime?


The applications listed in the list can be completely removed from the smartphone running under iOS 12. By deleting the Contacts application, you will not lose your address book.

  • If you delete the Contacts application, your entire phone book will be available in the Phone application. Search will have to use there.
  • Removing FaceTime does not deprive you of the opportunity to make and receive calls. A simple FaceTime call can only be made from the Phone application.
  • If you delete Apple Books, Maps, Music, or Podcasts, you should understand that all of these applications will not be available when you connect your smartphone to a PC that supports CarPlay.
  • If you remove the Watch application (in case the hour has an Apple Watch smart watch), the system will prompt you to go through the device detachment procedure from the smartphone.

With the rest of the applications more and more clear. Found a better alternative to a standard calculator? The old application can be safely sent to the scrap. I liked a more advanced dictaphone – the standard is no longer needed.

And how then to return the application?


Any of the removed regular applications is available in the App Store. You can download them on this page.

It is installed as a normal application. Of course, it’s free.

Thus, you can easily unload the desktop of your iOS device, and at the same time free up additional space.

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