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Habib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor competed in absentia on Twitter

Exchange of blows, but not in the ring.

A Russian mixed martial arts fighter, Habib Nurmagomedov, on December 31, after defeating the Brazilian Edson Barboza in a fight under the auspices of the UFC, said that he was ready to fight any fighter “even right now.”

“If the UFC gives me an hour of rest, I’m ready to fight again with Conor or Tony. No problem”.
In response, the Irish fighter Conor MacGregor attacked Nurmagomedov with insults.

“This Dagestan that night looked like a doggy shit. Pay me – and the King will return. ”
The Russian advised McGregor to shut up and added to his tweet emoji in the form of a cock.

The Irishman made another attack, not forgetting to add a little advertising.

“Get on your fucking knees and beg me. It’s just that I can not be persuaded. This year will be my new brand of whiskey. ”
Nurmagomedov laughed in response and attached a picture to the tweet.

McGregor reacted to this tweet, promising the Russian fighter an unenviable future.

“I will kill your pets and put them on their skin like a fur coat. I’ll wear it only once. ”
The last at the time of publication, the lunge remained behind Nurmagomedov, who predicted the Irish defeat and again added to the tweet the emoji cock.

“You can buy them at the Gucci store. However, in the ring the bear will eat you. ”

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