“God”: a short sketch from Sharlto Copley from the director of “Region No. 9”

God gave – God took.

Studio directed by Neil Blomkampa Oats presented a sketch called “God: Serengeti” (God: Serengeti). In it the creator appears in the image of a hypocritical old aristocrat who, for the sake of entertainment, sends rain to primitive people, prevents them from obtaining the first fire, and, in the end, takes a terrible decision about the future of their creations.

The video appeared on the channel of the studio on July 6, and a few hours later an unknown user added Russian subtitles to it. To view the version with translation it is enough to select the menu “subtitles” and Russian. Also the video was translated into Spanish.

Oats releases Neil Blomkamp’s pilot projects in partnership with Steam. Rollers appear simultaneously on the YouTube platform and in the Valve service. Short films lasting about 20 minutes appear every two weeks, and in the interval between them are published small videos, interesting, especially from the conceptual point of view. The release of the third short film “Zygote” with Dakota Fanning is scheduled for July 13.

Two already released films somehow related to military themes: in the first the army of resistance opposed the alien invaders, and in the second soldier in Vietnam fought with the mystical River God.

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