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Cybersportsmen, whom the lady is not ashamed to take to the cinema. How pitching dispel the myth of cyber-souls

Let’s be frank: the majority of cyber sportsmen, gamers, and ordinary Belarusians are far from sports and rocking. Yes, in recent years, on the wave of a healthy life and a beautiful Instagram-life, it has become fashionable to go to the gym. And it’s great! There go also cyber-sportsmen thanks to which at computer zamoryshs there is an additional justification to the hobby. Like, you see, cybersport – does not mean dohlyak. We chose one of the most presentable pitching in “dothe”, “counter” and “witch”, which prove that you can always find time for the gym. Remember them and take an example.

Dad of gold five

Pole Yaroslav “pashaBiceps” Yazhobkovski has been playing professionally in Counter-Strike since 2004. In April, the guy turned 30 years old, he has a wife, a child and plywood – three-layer, armor-piercing, 1988 … So, somewhere we did not go there. In general, Yaroslav is good not only in Counter-Strike, but also in his personal life.

According to some estimates, for 15 years of professional career, the Pole earned more than $ 600,000. And this is only a prize from tournaments without taking into account the salary from the organization, all kinds of advertising and sponsorship contracts, income from streaming on Twitch, which constitute a significant share of earnings of professional cyber sportsmen. So, Anton Cherepennikov, the founder of ESforce Holding, stated that every player of the team, which is part of the holding company and in which pashaBiceps plays, earns about 10,000 euros per month on average. Last year, these guys signed a contract for four years, which in its fixed part was estimated at several million euros. Naturally, it was decided not to disclose exact figures.

Yaroslav, maybe a little unusual, but still a family man. He, like many, walks his dog and dreams of his son (after all, he already has a daughter). Well, about a fraction of the luxury:  “If we win a couple of tournaments and life goes well, maybe there will be a” Lamborghini “, the machine of my dreams. Year commercials in 2030-2040, if I play well. “

But this does not mean that Yaroslav spends all the money he earns impulsively and on ill-considered purchases. It was thanks to “counter” he bought a house and can no longer play in the kitchen. True, now he wants a house with a garden, which will make two more dogs, friends for his beloved sheepdog.

The daughter of Yaroslav is still very small, but because Dad does not explain to her yet what he is doing. Just in the afternoon he says: “For now, I went to work”  and secluded in the “office”, where he knocks on the keys and clicks the mouse. “She comes up to me and does the same thing, ” says the gamer.

Igromanom Yaroslav to be called quite difficult, although he spent for Counter-Strike much of his life. Nevertheless, the young man claims that he did not touch other games. By “counter”, he has a rather pragmatic approach: it gives him money and the future, and therefore it is necessary to play only in it. And when the free time is given, Yaroslav prefers to spend his time on his family, friends and a rocking chair.

Naruto and Sasuke

Talu “Fly” Aiziku was lucky to be born in the family, in which runs the father – master of martial art Krav Maga. Moni Aizik, born in Israel, masterfully owns this military system of hand-to-hand combat, which is studied by Israeli military and police. In general, the genre of Tal was written to become a fighter, and he himself in an interview repeatedly noted that if it were not for Dota, the position of the hand-to-hand combat instructor would shine to him.

He was born in 1993 in Canada, where his father moved from Israel, who decided to share his skills with the local for money. Despite this, a lot of time younger Aizik spent in his historical homeland. He always loved strategic and board games, and therefore it is not surprising that he once sat down on the dot “: ” You can play it for years, but the game is constantly different. “

His professional career Tal built with a partner – Dane Johan “N0tail” Sundstain. Since 2012, they have dispersed to different teams for less than a year, after which they decided to found their own team OG, which played for another three years. At the same time, the captain was an Israeli. Only in May of this year Aizik, after almost ten years and fifteen hundred matches, spent with his friend, decided to go on solo voyage and lead the North American Evil Geniuses.

But on a close pro-scene, former partners could not but meet. And this most memorable meeting occurred at the past of The International 2018, when OG knocked out EG in the lower grid of the tournament. After the match the guys shook hands, N0tail rewarded Aizik with an icy gaze, from which the goose bumps would run even under the fur of a polar bear. And two days later, N0tail and the former Aizik team became champions of The International 2018. Cinderella’s history in the Dota world was played out without a defector.

Former team-mates of the Israeli always noted that he is a very authoritative captain, who radiates calm. Aizik is a born leader, to whom everyone listens. “Leadership can be learned, but he did not learn anything. These qualities have always been there, “N0tail said last year.

“I believe that if you listen to your partners and trust them, they also trust you in return, ” the former captain OG said in an interview. But he betrayed this confidence when he left the team a few months before the main tournament of the year.

– It was a completely demoralizing experience – one of the most difficult episodes in my life. At such times, it seems to you that the world around you just collapsed, although you gave it all to yourself. You do not even understand if your team has remained. It just collapses, and it’s very hard to accept – and this is Sebastian’s words “Ceb” Debs, who remained faithful to the team.

As for physical exertion, Aizik forced his teammates to maintain themselves in some kind of physical form. He himself is fond of rocking, although he still prefers exercise in the pool.

– Being physically fit is very important for a gamer. Then you are an athlete in every sense of the word.

So believes his girlfriend Evani Chan, who has pictures taken in the gym. With her, Aizik has been dating for several years. She is also the chief operating officer of OG. At least, it was to them until recently.

Pomatrosil and threw

For an audience far from the cybersport scene of Call of Duty, Doug “Censor” Martin became famous for being able to cope with his libido and throw “the sexiest weather forecast leader” Janet Garcia for the sake of a professional player’s career. Quite unexpectedly, our commentators have generally supported this decision of the guy: Doug is only 23, it’s better to build a career, and a girl, no matter how hot she is, it will not be difficult to find millions of dollars. In addition, it is likely that the guy was tired of the Mexican accent beauty. But it is not exactly. The official reason is briefly: “It’s only 24 hours a day, I just do not have enough time for a career, at this stage I do not need a girl, I need to focus on myself.”

However, with the self-esteem of Doug, everything should be in order. The guy actively visits the rocking chair, which is easily found time in between games. The main thing is what? The main thing is to correctly plan your time, and not to sit day after day at the monitor.

However, in childhood, like many American schoolchildren, Doug could not boast of masculinity. He was a modest boy, who often faced bullying. The way out he found in the classic Nintendo: Pokemon, Zelda and Mario. Some time the guy played in a school football team, but the hobby for video games began to affect performances and in general at school.

When Call of Duty: Black Ops came out in 2010, the gamer left the school and focused entirely on playing for the Quantic Nex-TT-hreat team, which was won by the major MLG National Championship 2011. True, the career was not a bit shaky. Doug migrated from the team to the team until in 2015 he took a break, focusing on the rocker and his own YouTube channel, which began to generate a noticeable income.

On Janet Garcia, the cybersportman fell in love after seeing one of her television releases on the Internet. With the help of his subscribers in social networks (on YouTube alone their 2.5 million, another 1.3 million in Instagram), he was able to attract her attention. The young people contacted via a messenger, and a love affair that lived for three years and fit into the section assigned to it by Begbeder was born.

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