7 chips iOS 12, which you should try immediately after the update

Those who first install iOS 12 on their iPhone or iPad will spend a long time studying the system in search of chips and innovations.

Now we will try to facilitate this task. Here are the most useful and interesting chips iOS 12, which should try in the first place:

1. Updated Notification Center with message grouping

Since the appearance of the top curtain with notifications, many users have dreamed of grouping messages.

Only in iOS 12, the Kupertinov people cleaned up and grouped notifications for applications. In this case, it is possible to quickly turn off messages from a particular program, go to notification settings or temporarily mute them.

From the locked screen it’s really easy to manage messages without unlocking the smartphone.

Where to find: the chip works without additional activation. If there are notifications at once, notice the difference. The side svayp on the message will bring up a menu of additional actions.

2. Screen Time for Self-Monitoring

A cool chip with which you can accurately track the time spent in a particular application.

Clear statistics will show how much we watch videos, scroll through a tape of friends or read the mail. If the numbers begin to surprise and shock, you can set a limit on a group of programs or a specific application.

If the allotted time is over, the system will warn and ask for a password to extend the limit.

Where to search: go to Settings – Screen Time , turn on the chip and collect the statistics for several days. Then you can set limits for applications.

3. ARKit 2.0 with cool features

The updated engine for augmented reality will allow game and application creators to interact more actively with the outside world through the camera’s viewfinder.

To test the possibilities, the standard Roulette application is also suitable . With its help you can measure objects, find out the length or height of everything around, calculate the area of ​​something.

The main condition is good lighting. In the dark at night the chip works so-so, but with good light everything converges to a millimeter.

Where to find: Roulette application will be displayed on the desktop after upgrading to iOS 12.

4. Do not disturb with automatic shutdown

The mode in which the iPhone does not display most notifications and does not bother the owner with annoying messages is even better.

Now you can not just enable or disable it on a schedule, but also set a smart shutdown. The mode can be turned off after the completion of the specified events in the calendar.

It is most convenient to disconnect it after an hour or by leaving the current geo position, for example, from a meeting.

Where to search: at the control point we clamp the Do Not Disturb button and see the option to turn off the mode in an hour, the nearest evening or by geography.

5. Warning about identical passwords

One of the small but very useful iOS chips.

Now directly on the iPhone in a keyring you can see the same passwords from sites, services or services. In order not to expose yourself to the danger of hacking, it is enough to change the same passwords.

Where to search: open the Settings section – Passwords and accounts – Passwords for sites and programs , repeated passwords will be marked with an exclamation mark.

6. Morning weather forecast

With iOS 12, it is possible to get a weather forecast on the lock screen every morning. This is not included in the most obvious and intuitive way.

First , the Weather application should be allowed access to the definition of the geo-position ( Settings – Privacy – Geolocation Services – Weather )

Secondly , you need to enable Do Not Disturb ( Settings – Do Not Disturb ) mode and set the time of its operation.

Thirdly , you need to activate the option to go to sleep ( Settings – Do Not Disturb ).

Where to search: if everything is done correctly, every morning after disabling the Do Not Disturb mode on the lock screen, you will see the weather forecast for the day.

7. Excellent performance

For the first time in recent years, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to iOS 12 on all supported devices.

You can update on all iPhone (starting with iPhone 5s ), on the iPad mini 2 / iPad Air and older, on iPod touch the sixth generation.

Starting with the first test version and ending with the latter, we see a performance gain, good stability and autonomy. Devices will definitely work better than on iOS 10 or iOS 11.

The last time such advised only after the official release of iOS 6. Unfortunately, all subsequent versions of the system behaved normally only on the latest models of devices.

Where to look: we do not need to search for anything, we are waiting for an update by air or updated via iTunes on the computer.

Update, test and write which of the chips iOS 12 you seemed coolest.

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