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YouTube unblocked the Versus-Battle channel two hours after the lock

Presumably, access was restricted because of the advertising of illegal bookmakers.

On YouTube, they unblocked the channel with rap-battles Versus Battle, which was blocked earlier on September 20 due to “numerous and serious violations” of hosting conditions, including with regard to spam and misleading users.

YouTube also unblocked AcademeG channels and Garage54 about cars, as well as a channel with gambling online games AuRuM TV and a humorous channel “YES NIL”. The exact reasons for blocking the channels are still unknown.

The interlocutor “”, close to YouTube, said that the channels that were blocked recently violated the rules of advertising. YouTube does not allow the promotion of illegal bookmakers, and hosting will strictly follow its placement. Despite the fact that it is forbidden to advertise only illegal bookmakers, the final decision will be made by the expert commission hosting.

In December 2016, YouTube blocked the Versus-Battle of Oximiron and ST at the request of Roskomnadzor because of the advertisement of the bookmakers. The agency explained that in the description of the clip there were links to banned sites in Russia.

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