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YouTube blocked the Versus-Battle channel with 4.3 million subscribers

When the service blocked the Battle of Oximiron and ST, the reason was in advertising bookmakers.

Screenshot of Versus on YouTube

On YouTube blocked the channel with rap-battles Versus Battle, which was signed by 4.3 million people. The channel page says: “This account has been suspended for numerous or serious violations of the YouTube Terms of Service, including spam, deception, and misleading users.” All videos uploaded to the channel are also unavailable.

The last movie released on the channel is the Battle of Junior League Fresh Blood between rappers Miksi and Sawyer. In addition to sponsors, he mentioned the bookmaker office Mosbet, which was advertised in several previous editions. A copy of the video was left in the VKontakte.

In December 2016, YouTube blocked the Versus-Battle of Oximiron and ST at the request of Roskomnadzor because of the advertisement of the bookmakers. The agency explained that in the description of the clip there were links to banned sites in Russia.

sent a request to the creators of the channel, but so far has not received an operational response. The organizer of the battles, Alexander Timartsev, known as the Restaurateur, declined to comment when he was called by the employee of the radio station “Says Moscow”.

Updated 20:25: At about the same time YouTube blocked AcademeG and Garage54 channels about cars, as well as a channel with gambling online games AuRuM TV and a humorous channel “YES NIL”. Two million people were signed for AcademeG, Garage54 collected 1.6 million subscribers, AuRuM TV had 1.4 million, and DA LIL had 400,000. The creator of the AuRuM TV channel called the lock a “misunderstanding” and sent a complaint to YouTube.

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