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To Europe by minefields

The closure of the Hungarian border will force migrants to go through the territory of Croatia. And there on their way can meet real minefields.

The mined areas remained in Croatia after the Balkan wars of the 1990s. Despite the fact that cleaning up of territories has been underway for several decades, there are still dangerous zones in Croatia. Even more in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But it is in Croatia that the main concentration of mined areas falls on areas bordering on Hungary

The Croatian edition of the Diary reports that the local police have already prepared themselves for refugee flows.

“Croatia is ready for a wave of migrants. The police will register each person, there will not be a mass pass, as in some other countries, “the newspaper said.

Meanwhile, the situation in Europe, including in Hungary, is heating up. Two days ago, refugees broke a four-meter fence, which was installed at the border control. Budapest has introduced a number of amendments, which come into force on 15 September. They tighten legislation on migration and border protection. The innovations envisage the army’s participation in the protection of state borders, the prosecution of those who illegally cross the border and the accelerated procedure for examining asylum requests.

Other countries also tighten border controls. Germany first suspended the Schengen Agreement. Between Germany and Austria, for the first time in two decades, a border pillar appeared. Political scientists already argue that the situation in Europe can lead to the collapse of Schengen

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