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The Prisma application went to Android

Rubber ball N + 1 in processing Prisma

On Android there was a beta version of the Prisma application, which uses neural networks to process photos based on the specified style. This was reported by the portal ,

According to the creator of the application, the version for Android is no different from the version for iOS. Users will also be able to try 36 filters made on the basis of famous paintings by artists such as Munch’s Scream, Hokusai’s Great Wave in Kanagawa or Mark Chagall’s Above the City. In addition, the Prisma team is working on a function for processing gif images and 360-degree video.

In order to take part in the testing it is necessary to register on the project site– the invitations will be sent out to subscribers of the newsletter of the service selectively. The official launch of the Android-version is planned in late July.

The work of the Prisma application is based on the use of a set of neural networks. By analogy with existing programs, it can be assumed that the input is fed the original photograph and the artist’s picture, after which the style from the picture is directly transferred to the user’s image (in some cases , semantic maps are still used ). Good processing quality is achieved through machine learning using a large number of photographs.

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