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The Ministry of Communications proposed to pre-install Russian antiviruses on all computers imported into the country

With “the purpose of ensuring national security.”

The Ministry of Communications proposed to legislatively introduce the mandatory pre-installation of the domestic anti-virus software for all personal computers imported into Russia and created in the country, Kommersant reported referring to the passport of the Digital Economy project submitted to the government.

The norm is planned to enter from August 1, 2020. The Ministry of Economy recalled the need for such measures to “ensure national security.” The Office noted that this will justify why Russia is departing from the principles of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Experts interviewed by Kommersant questioned the need for norms because of the harm of competition. Cyber ​​security expert Kirill Kerzenbaum said that the choice of a particular solution is likely to contradict the ideas of the free market and will not allow solving the issue of national security. The head of the Slovak antivirus manufacturer ESET in Russia and the CIS Denis Mateev suggested that the situation will lead to a drop in product quality and a decrease in the level of user safety.

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