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The court sent Le Pen to a psychiatric examination because of tweets about the IG

Marin Le Pen (Photo: Eric Gaillard / Reuters)


Marin Le Pen received notification of a referral to a psychiatric examination. Investigators are going to find out whether she was sane when she published on Twitter shots of executions committed by Islamists

The French court decided to subject the leader of the right-wing National Front Party, Marin Le Pen, to a psychiatric examination, the politician said on her Twitter page. The reason for this was the investigation conducted since 2015 on the case of the publication of Le Pen cadres with executions carried out by Islamists.

Le Pen in his Twitter published a copy of the ruling, from which it follows that she is accused of “spreading messages of violent, pornographic or defamatory character available to minors.” In this regard, she must undergo a psychiatric examination, within which experts will have to answer eight questions. In particular, they have to find out whether Le Pen gave himself a report in his actions when publishing.

“Because of the condemnation of the horrors of the IG (” Islamic State “, a terrorist organization banned in Russia – RBC), tweet justice sends me to a psychiatric examination! How far will they go? “- wrote Le Pen.

The publications that became the reason for the investigation were made by Le Pen in 2015. Then the journalist of the BFM television channel compared Le Pen National Front with extremist groups like the “Islamic state”. Le Pen responded to the criticism by publishing in her Twitter an image of the execution of American journalist James Foley and a Jordanian pilot who fell into the hands of the IG militants during an operation in Iraq. Foley was beheaded by Islamists, and the pilot – burned alive. Thus, the politician tried to demonstrate the difference between the “National Front” and the IG.

Publication of these cadres has caused a public scandal. French Minister of the Interior Bernard Kaznev called the published Le Pen photos “propaganda IG.” “They cause disgust, a feeling of disgust and are a real insult to all victims of terrorism, to all who have faced the barbarity of the IG,” he declared. In March 2018, Le Pen was formally charged. Under French law, she could face up to three years in prison and a fine of € 75,000.

As noted by Le Figaro, the decision on psychiatric examination was sharply criticized by the supporters of the “National Front”. They compare this verdict with “punitive psychiatry in the USSR”, “an act worthy of Brezhnev” and actions of the authorities of the DPRK. However, the publication emphasizes that psychiatric examination is one of the traditional elements of the investigation of such cases, the need for which is regulated by law. The fact that this is a standard procedure, writes and BFM. “Although Marin Le Pen considers the examination to be” insanity, “nevertheless this step is provided for by the Code of Criminal Procedure for cases involving the distribution of messages with images of violence,” the portal maintains.

Le Pen himself with this approach disagrees. “BFM claims that a psychiatric examination is a routine procedure: a lie! It is applied in the case of crimes against minors, which, given the political context of the reports, is absolutely absurd, “the politician asserts.

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