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The Chinese announced the development of laser guns

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Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the development of a laser gun. As the South China Morning Post writes , the new gun, called ZKZM-500, is classified by the developers as non-lethal weapons designed to target targets at a range of up to 800 meters.

Today in the world there are several types of non-lethal weapons. It is used by various power structures to drastically reduce the combat capability of the enemy without causing serious damage to his health. Such weapons, for example, include shockers, acoustic cannons, microwave radiators or blinding lights.

According to the developers, the radiation of ZKZM-500 leads to rapid charring of the surface layer of the skin, causing unbearable burning sensation, and also can set fire to clothes on the enemy. The weight of the gun is three kilograms. The power of the weapon can be increased to, for example, “burn the walls of fuel tanks on cars and set fire to fuel.”

Other details about the new weapons are not disclosed. According to the developers, ZKZM-500 has already been prepared for serial production, which is planned to be deployed in the near future. The first samples of weapons are expected to be delivered to counterterrorism units.

In March of this year, researchers from the Pentagon’s Non-Fatal Weapons Directorate announced the creation of a prototype of an acoustic cannon that uses laser radiation to generate loud sounds. A new weapon can create a source of loud sound anywhere in the world at a significant distance from itself.

In this weapon, femtosecond lasers are used, capable of generating laser radiation by pulses several femtoseconds long. In the device, one of the generators is used to form a ball of plasma in the air. It takes about 10-15 seconds to form it. Then the second generator sends a laser beam of a very narrow spectrum onto the plasma ball.

As a result of the interaction of laser radiation with plasma, a bright glow and a loud sound appear. The change in the frequency of the laser radiation acting on the plasma makes it possible to change the frequency of the sound produced. Researchers claim that in the next three years they will be able to recreate a human voice with the help of laser and plasma.

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