Ryan Reynolds talked about working with Michael Bay on the background of the explosion and accident

Michael Bay in these days in Italian Florence shoots the insurgent Six Underground on the order of Netflix. The budget for the painting is large – $ 150 million. In the title role – Ryan Reynolds, as well as a bunch of special effects and action, which is famous for Bay. And one of the filming processes hit the Ryan Reynolds Twitter.

The actor stands leaning against the wall of the building, and talks about what he likes to work with this director. “The best thing about working with Michael Bay? I do not know. Many people will say that this action. But for me it’s calm, you know? Moments of silence, “says Ryan, while an explosion explodes behind him, a car turns over in the air, and another enters the wall.

In this case, the actor himself looks absolutely calm, like all this is his bored everyday life. However, acting with Bay, most likely, it is.

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