Rhinestones, glamor and sex. Strange fashion zero, about which I want to forget forever

The Puritans of the whole world gritted their teeth to the chiming clock. They saw off the year 1999, met the new millennium – the era of glamor, blinding rhinestones, total pink and naked navel. Secular lioness Paris Hilton for some time becomes an icon of style, girls all over the world hunt for velvet sports suits of color “virviglaz”, and David Beckham changes hairstyles so often that the hairdresser has to be sent from England to Japan. The story of the strange fashion zero – in the material .

Heroin chic and grunge of the nineties, the depression of the transition period evaporate towards the end of the decade. Humanity meets well-nourished zero-ruthless era of kitsch and glamor. About this word, if heard before, they did not attach much importance to it, but now, in the 21st century, it is necessary to repeat it as often as possible and to follow all the fashion trends that America is replicating. It’s quite simple to watch them: in the market in any district center sparkling bright strasses pink blouses, short tops and jeans with an extremely low waist, in which it is better not to sit down.

“Plush” sports suits of the most unimaginable colors are filled by schools, schoolgirls complain about mothers to teachers who forbid to attend lessons in a sportive manner and do not understand anything in the youth fashion, and teachers, in turn, sigh about foul youth, which has already deteriorated.

Men’s fashion zero went into the shadows, and in the foreground came the beauties in frank attire, which was short of everything at once: skirts – lengths, tops – modesty, make-up – moderation. The history is silent, where in those days there were activists of the femme movement, but women’s sexuality was not only exploited one hundred percent – no one was ashamed to speak openly about this.

September 6, 2001. In the luxurious New York Metropolitan Opera for the 18th time there is the VMA ceremony – the MTV award for the best clips of the year. Blond Britney Spears shines with a huge clip in her navel and moans the line “I’m a slave 4 you”. The tender neck of the artist is wrapped around the python, until a nervous breakdown there are some five years.

The same evening, Britney and Justin Timberlake appeared on the red carpet in outfits, which they still remember. And still can not give them an unequivocal assessment: the pop stars came to the ceremony, completely “packaged” in jeans. In short, today all sorts of ratings and tops, if properly gogolit, at least mention about that strange outfit.

Then, on September 6, the women’s collaboration celebrated the triumph: Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Maya and Pink received the main prize for the video for the song Lady Marmalade, the anthem of the glamor era in the Moulin Rouge scenery. The abundance of pink, candid outfits, luxury, brilliance and ultimate pathos – prepare your money!

Made in the Glamorous USA

There is a beautiful legend. In 1996, two girls from California decided to put $ 200,000 into business and opened a small tailoring business. They did this, as reported, out of pure love for fashion and from deep indignation at the then existing assortment. For a while Travis Jeans made bright clothes for pregnant women, but then switched to sports suits.

In rich America, the modest capital of girls would not be enough for a full-scale and large-scale PR campaign, and they sent one of the suits with the inscription Madge Madonna. That unexpectedly liked the glamorous glamorous costume, and she even several times lit up in it in public. This was enough to the inhabitants of California began to buy corduroy headsets. In addition to questionable aesthetic advantages, this purchase was also of a domestic nature. As explained later, the native Californians, in such suits it is very convenient to drive a car, and they drive during the day most of the day.

In general, four years later began the harsh era of Juicy Couture, and every girl caught fire to buy herself the same bright sports suit with rhinestones and other ornaments. Just look at this glamorous chic born from zero! And then remember the assortment of urban markets and cozy suits of all colors of the rainbow with the inscriptions of Gucci.

Paris Hilton, with whom the word “glamor” was firmly associated at this time, was in love with such outfits. “The main secular lioness” of the planet in the zero multiplied mass media around the world. Heiress of the family business, drowned in the luxury and splendor of a full-grown America, was a role model for girls who did not have enough of this luxury, but wanted so much.

At first, the Americans watched the reality show “Simple Life”, in which Paris was filming with her friend Nicole Richie, and then the entire planet was reaping the fruits of this rating broadcast. Narrow jeans on the hips, in which to sit down – this is a crime. An abundance of pink color, through which you can not see any other shades. An open abdomen and navel with piercings, for which pious women were ready to crucify young libertines. Bright “verviglazny” makeup, making its way through the glitter and shiny lips. All this was tried on by Paris Hilton, then the glamor went somewhere in the womb of Moscow night clubs, where this word was heard louder, and finally moored to Belarusian entrepreneurs, who bought up Chinese consumer goods with catchy labels.

Men’s fashion of that time was in the shadow of all this splendor. It was fascinating to watch David Beckham’s hairstyles, which in zero became not only a good footballer, but also a pop star. Beckham’s hairstyles were changing at such a speed that only the most devoted fan of the Englishman could follow. In short, it looked like this:

Around the same time, another, “alternative” fashion began to form, which was the antithesis of glamor and pink color. Black and white sneakers, black jeans, a chain on the belt, a strap with rivets, a T-shirt with a rock band logo and eyes blacked out – a classic image formed into zero under the influence of Avril Lavigne and bands like HIM.

Black shirts with bright ties and narrowed jeans with sneakers are strongly associated with the outsider aesthetics of wrestlers with glamor and pop. The A1 television channel, which mostly broadcast alto-rock, instantly became a cult and formed not only the taste of the generation in the musical sense, but also a specific fashion, where there was no room for rhinestones, sequins, pink color, shoes on an unimaginable hairpin and wild costumes .

The things we love

Collecting a wardrobe of zero – an ungrateful occupation: something you will definitely miss. So let’s remember together how it was. Let’s start with the pants, which today seem to be a greeting from hell. Capri pants and jeans-cargo are a separate pain. Wide, shapeless trousers with a bunch of ribbons and ties, which suddenly ended somewhere under the knees, were very fashionable in the zero ones. Especially if you combine these pants with shoes with such a sharp nose that you can inadvertently cut someone. Jeans-Cargo on this background looked much more aesthetic, but still left a strange residue.

We already remembered corduroy costumes and short tops, and now a bit about jeans, of which seemingly by chance, but in fact quite deliberately looked thong. In the zero was considered so: the shorter the waist pants, the steeper their owner. Problems (and maybe not problems at all) began when it was necessary to land on a chair. Jeans slid just enough so that under them appeared thong, so that the choice of underwear had to be approached with great responsibility.

At zero on the necks of beauties around the world settled chokers. Now, someone is unlikely to complain about the deficit of “collars”, but at the beginning of the century it was only of one kind – as if woven from a house of black fishing line. It’s unlikely that teenagers of that time thought about how this thing is actually called. But it was worn by all the girls in your class: it was so fashionable.

A little later, in a fragile world of a fashionista, who in winter was forced to take off his sneakers and sneakers, a real frosty style broke in – ugg boots. Soft and warm, but fashionable, they looked equally strange both on the guys and on the girls. But they did not lose their positions for a very long time.

A little later emo came to the streets of the country, and this left its imprint on the appearance of children and adolescents. The mullets, with which the necks of decent children were adorned, replaced the oblique bangs painted black. On his shoulders, instead of knapsacks, they hung postal bags with a bunch of badges. Belts with rivets were put on the belt, which replaced the cloth specimens.

Well, every teenager must have had a striped sweater. It was a hit of sales for those who left glamor-filled gloom in an alternative world.

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