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Prisma is a Russian application that transfers styles of famous artists to photos using neural networks

June 11, the Russian company Prisma Labs, consisting of four people from Yandex, released a free iOS-application Prisma , which, with the help of neural networks, transfers the styles of famous artists to users’ photos.  talked to the authors about how their program differs from the solutions of competitors and how they plan to develop it.

At first glance, Prisma resembles many similar applications that turn pictures into “masterpieces of art”. However, due to the use of neural networks, the results of the new program are more qualitative: it is not about applying a filter to a photograph, but in fact about its redrawing in a given style.

According to Prisma Labs general director Alexei Moiseenkov, his team managed to achieve the highest speed among competitors. However, performance was not given without sacrifice: the program can only work with ready-made presets – you can not transfer style from any picture to any photo.

In the initial version of Prisma there are about 20 presets available, and in the near future developers promise to add one more each day for free.

How the application will be monetized, Moiseyenkov did not report, but promised that early next week Prisma will have a major update with a completely redesigned interface and a pack of new filters. Version for Android is to wait in early July.

At the moment, Moiseyenkov works at, a subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, but notes that the Prisma project has nothing to do with his professional activities. All employees of Prisma Labs used to work in Yandex, and one of them remains in the Russian company until now.

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