Overview of all 63 major innovations iOS 12

It’s already the second day of testing iOS 12. We thoroughly studied the operating system and are ready to share with you all the changes.

1. Large font on iPhone X

The control panel on iPhone X increased font size. He became noticeably larger.

2. Fast animation

Animation of opening, closing and transition between applications has become noticeably faster. The operating system itself is also faster.

3. Changed settings


The settings section has changed slightly. Icons have become more vivid, and some have even redrawn.

4. Screen Time


There was a section with statistics on the use of various applications. True, the section still does not work for all. When you click on it, the settings menu crashes.

5. Shortcuts for Siri in Spotlight


Now under the search itself there are recommendations on the most frequent requests made. For example, write a message.

In addition, messages copied to the clipboard are also displayed in this section.

6. Siri Label Settings


Despite the fact that the system itself offers you to perform an action, you can now set these actions manually in the Settings -> Siri and Search section .

7. New wallpapers

In iOS 12, there are new wallpapers. However, while the image is only one. Perhaps the release will change.

8. Adding a second person


In this beta version in Face ID, you can add a second person. The corresponding item is in the Settings -> Face ID section and the password code.

9. Battery statistics

Now in the Settings -> Battery section , more detailed statistics of battery usage by applications are displayed.

With the help of graphs you can more accurately understand how energy is consumed.

10. Redesign of Dictaphone

Apple completely redrawn the Dictaphone application. Now the program calls the Files not the creation time, but the address where the record was made.


Changed and management of audio records. Now they can be squandered for 15 seconds forward / backward.

Audio recordings are not deleted the first time, but go to the Recently deleted section.

11. New Application Measure

There is an application Measure for measuring objects up to centimeters. Our review on it you can read 

12. Level moved

Previously, the level was used in the Compass application. Now he moved to the program Measures.

13. Now the compass shows the height above sea level


For greater accuracy, the Compass application has learned to display your position relative to sea level.

14. Disabling auto-update system


In iOS settings, the automatic firmware update feature has appeared. If it is enabled, the device will install the latest versions of the system without any additional questions. Now you can turn it off.

15. Appendices Dictaphone and Promotions got to iPad

Apple has moved applications Dictaphone and Shares to the iPad. It is noteworthy that the Shares have reached the same level even before the Mac.

It is a pity that the Calculator was not delivered.

16. Grouping notifications



Now the notifications are grouped according to the programs. It is enough to click on the notifications pack to open it.

17. Thinner notification settings


Now each notification can be configured separately. Right in the Notification Center.

You can turn on receiving notifications without sound, or completely turn them off.

18. Gestures of the iPhone X on the iPad

The control panel is now called by the svip from the upper right corner down. In addition, the return to the home screen using two svaypov from below – almost the same as on the iPhone X.

19. Searching for Apple Music tracks by words

Now you can hear a song somewhere, without even knowing its name, simply by entering the memorized words directly into the Apple Music search field. While working crookedly, but Apple will probably finalize the function for the release of the system.

20. Mirroring in AR objects

Now objects of augmented reality can be equipped with a reflective surface. For example, add the corresponding body to the car.

21. Record Animoji for up to 30 seconds

The recording time of animated emoticons has increased from 10 seconds to 30. It is now even more convenient to create an anemoji-karaoke.

22. New Animoji

There were 4 new animations on the iPhone X: a ghost, a koala, a tiger and a dinosaur.

23. Memoji

Now you can create animodji in your own image. They are called Memoji.

There is a complete customization, including a change in skin color, the shape of the face, eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, hair and so on.

24. Support for RAW photos in Photos app.

Now you can view photos in RAW format directly in the embedded Photo application.

25. New languages ​​in the built-in translator Siri


Added 50 new languages, among which there is a Russian.

26. Alerting the same passwords

The system now analyzes your saved passwords and reports the need to replace duplicate passwords. Identical passwords are marked with an exclamation mark.

27. Safari Tabs


Now Safari tabs on iPhone X are displayed in the same way as on iPad. Complete list.

28. Moving the cursor without 3D Touch

Previously, you could conveniently move the cursor by pressing hard. With iOS 12, 3D Touch technology is no longer needed.

Just hold your finger longer in one place, and you can fully control the cursor.

29. Support for third-party password managers

Now iOS 12 will analyze not only the built-in password manager, but also third-party. Accordingly, external programs will also collect passwords for autocomplete.

30. Weather Alert


If you have a sleep mode, then on waking you will see the current weather for the day.

31. The Apple Music widget turned black

It seems that Apple is really working on the dark interface mode for iOS. True, she does it gradually.

Apple Music’s playable music widget has turned black.

32. Do Not Disturb


When you activate the Do Not Disturb mode, the smartphone screen becomes darker and the alert notification turns black.

33. Live-listening in AirPods

Apple’s proprietary headphones can replace many people’s hearing aids. The gadget will use the built-in microphones to catch certain sounds around and transfer them to the user.

This can also be useful for talking in a loud crowded place. AirPods will cut off all unnecessary noise and voice only their interlocutor to the owner.

34. API for developers for the introduction of a dark theme

Apple has added an option for developers to customize the dark theme of application design. Therefore, there is a dark interface!

35. New notification interface in the settings


Now the notifications in the settings are displayed a little differently. The corresponding icons have been redrawn.

36. Configuring Notification Grouping


You can configure the grouping of notifications yourself: automatically, according to the program, or turn it off.

37. Quick scan of QR codes


With a strong click on the Camera icon, there is a button for quickly scanning QR codes.

38. New Control Point Options


Now when creating your Control Point, you can add: Hearing, Scanning QR codes.

39. 32 FaceTime users

Now in FaceTime you can create group video calls. And up to 32 users can take part in them.

40. Haptic on the iPhone 7

Previously, during the shooting, when pressing the white shutter release button, the owners of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X felt some kind of feedback.

Now this chip moved to the iPhone 7, 7 Plus.

41. Changes in Face ID


Previously, if Face ID could not recognize your face, you needed to enter a password. Now you just need to re-svipnut up from the bottom edge.

42. YouTube works in the background

This is not a feature, but a nice bug. When watching a movie, click on the screen lock and then press it again quickly. YouTube will only work in the background.

43. The thickness of the pencil

A new option appeared in the notes, with which you can change the thickness of the pencil lead.

44. Widget for Screen Time and Stock


The Screen Time widget appeared, displaying the usage statistics for the iPhone or iPad. The Stock widget changed and began to display one stock price per line.

45. Types of media files


Now in the Photo application you can see the types of media files: video, self, portrait, slow, and so on. And also their number is displayed.

46. ​​Bar with stickers moved

Now the line with the stickers is displayed above the keyboard.

47. Photos in iMessage

Previously, when you clicked the camera icon in the Messaging application, you opened a small window with the camera. Now the interface has increased, and the camera is displayed on the whole screen.

48. Animodzhi in the cell

Now when shooting in iMessage you have the opportunity to put stickers or animodzhi on the screen.

49. Rechability has an arrow


Now after the svaypa down at the top of the screen, the up arrow is displayed. She hints that by following it you can also return the screen to the previous view.

50. Siri learned to turn on the flashlight


Now you can ask Siri to turn on the flashlight. Just say: “Turn on the flashlight.”

51. “Hello, Siri” works in power saving mode

The function “Hi, Siri” now works in energy saving mode.

52. Siri discovers passwords

The voice assistant learned to display saved passwords in case you forgot them. Just say “Siri, what is my password for (the site can be changed).”

53. Audio settings


Now you can change the settings of the audio recordings created through the Voice Recorder. For example, change the compression quality.

54. Offers Siri on the lock screen


In the settings there was a toggle switch, allowing you to enable or disable Siri offers on the locked screen.

55. Favicon in Safari

You can enable the display of site icons in Safari in the Settings -> Safari menu -> Show Icons on the tabs.

56. The display of artists in Apple Music has changed


Now the pictures of the artists are given a little more space. There was a button for instant playback of the artist’s songs.

57. “You may like these articles” in the App Store


At the bottom of the App Store a new subsection “You may like these articles”. It displays the previous articles of the Apple edition, which you never opened.

58. New Face ID animation

Now when scanning your face, the Face ID animation has changed. The number of turnover was halved.

59. Dictation on third-party keyboards

Previously, the dictation function could only be used in Apple’s built-in keyboard. Now the button appeared on external keyboards.

60. Unlocking the iPad with a swipe

Now the iPad can be unlocked with a swipe up from the bottom edge. For sure, this chip will be removed and returned when they add Face ID.

61. Time on the iPad moved to the left edge

Another hint of Face ID?

62. No Apple player on third-party sites

If you watch a movie on some Vimeo, the interface of the web player will be preserved. It will no longer be replaced by the standard Apple.

63. Recorder in iCloud

Records from the recorder can now be saved in iCloud. Hooray!

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