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On Astrakhan, a criminal case was opened for appeals for suicide. The media learned that he was leading the “Anti-Life” community in “VKontakte”

Presumably, the case got after one of the subscribers died.

The Investigative Committee for the Astrakhan Region initiated a criminal case against the community administrator in VKontakte. He was detained for calling for suicide in posts and pictures published from April 2017 to May 2018. This was reported by the press service of the UK.

The investigation clarified that the information on the activities of the 21-year-old Astrakhan was found by the employees of the department “K” of the BSTM Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service in the region. On the website of the department, they published a video of the arrest of the administrator of Sergei: he says that he created the public “suddenly” when he found memes, and did not pursue any goal.

Sergei – the creator of the community “Anti-life” with memes about suicide

Users of “Dvacha” found out that the detained Astrakhan was the administrator of the public “Anti-Life” in “VKontakte”, where memes and jokes about suicide were published. The same version of was confirmed by the creators of the communities “abstract memes for the elite of all sorts”, “some biochemical memes” and cursed images. This was also reported by the current administrators of Anti-Life.

According to the administrators, in the winter of 2018, one of the subscribers of “Anti-Life” committed suicide, after which his parents blame the creators of the community for this. Soon, Sergei (the name is unknown) left the public and transferred control to other users, as he was afraid that the case would lead to him. However, in late September, the Astrakhan told chatting with other administrators (a screenshot of the correspondence ) that he had been ransacked in the case of calls for suicide.

Public “Anti-life” – this is the usual post-mining, and all memes are built according to one pattern: in ordinary popular memes, just add a hanged man from the picture. ****** [Damn] absurd in general, please spread.

public administrators “abstract memes for the elite of all varieties” in “VKontakte”

According to the MBH “Media”, the administrator of “Anti-Life” Sergei Fomenko contacted them in the summer of 2018 and told about the suicide of one of the subscribers. “Realizing that this is some kind of horror, and that I can not continue to admin on my moral principles, I decided to retire and abandon this public, giving it to other admins who insistently asked them to give it,” the Astrakhan said.

What is known about the criminal case

After Sergei, administrators of Anti-Life became Peter from Ulyanovsk and a user under the pseudonym Jan Vishnevsky.  found the page of an alleged public-relations subscriber named Ignat, who committed suicide: on his wall there are comments from Vishnevsky and Peter, as well as a memo with a rope and soap. Judging by the date of the last visit, the profile was abandoned more than a year ago.

In July, Peter went to the K Department of the Russian Interior Ministry, where he was allegedly pressed by investigators, showed screenshots from the dead subscriber’s page and frightened articles of the Criminal Code: 242 (illegal production and trafficking of pornographic materials) and 228 (illegal possession of drugs). He was forced to write an explanatory and released.

I’m shocked that they want to attract me, because I did not take part in it after that boy. If I followed the group, I would delete the shock-content. He did not need me there at all, he kept public for purely recreational purposes.

Sergey Fomenko
administrator of “Anti-Life”, on which a criminal case was initiated (quotation on MBH “Media”).
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