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More than 350 victims: in London for two years there is a serial killer of animals

The police can not find the culprit and suspect that soon he may start attacking people.

The owner of the murdered cat named Amber holds her picture. Photos of Sky News

On November 10, 2017, the London police reported that a serial killer of animals, operating in the city for two years, may begin to attack people. According to the authorities, the unknown kills cats, foxes and rabbits, dismembers and puts their limbs to the owners’ houses.

Scotland Yard is looking for the guilty along with two other law enforcement offices, but in two years the investigators have not attacked the offender. According to Sky News, the number of suspects is from 30 to 40 people, but in a separate development of detectives – two or three people.

In a conversation with reporters, senior detective Andy Collin admitted that there is no direct evidence that the killer will switch to people. However, he stressed that there is often a link between violence against animals and serial maniacs.

If you look at the template of the criminal, you can conclude that he receives from the happening some form of pleasure. Worried that overnight animals can get bored with him, and he will start attacking people, especially the most vulnerable – women and young girls.

Andy Collin
the senior detective of the London police

In 2015, investigators recorded eight cases, by 2016 their number increased to 114, in 2017 – to 246. The total number of the offender is 368 animals. This increase in the number of murders causes additional anxiety of the police.

Eyewitnesses described the killer as a white man about 40 years old with short dark hair and, possibly, a scar on his face. However, the investigation does not erase the idea that an organized gang is behind massacres.

Announcement with an appeal to report an animal killer

Co-founder of the London Center for the Protection of Animals Tony Jenkins told reporters that he has been cooperating with the police since the beginning of the murders. Almost every day he is informed of a new corpse. “I wake up in the morning, feed the animals, then the phone rings and I’m torn to the car in some godforsaken place. Obviously, this is a very dangerous person with mental disabilities, “Jenkins said.

Since the killer often deprives animals of their heads and limbs, owners sometimes can not identify pets. Several people confessed that because of the attacks, they are suffering from stress and insomnia. An anonymous owner of the deceased animal said that he was ready to go to jail for the sake of a chance to get even with the criminal.

Animal welfare organizations have announced an award of $ 13,000 for information that will lead to the arrest of the killer. Residents are urged not to let their pets to the street without supervision. Twitter users launched the hashtag UKCatKiller (“British Cat Killer”) to keep up with the investigation.

“Absolutely not going to take risks! Safe and sound”

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