iOS 12 is already installed by every tenth user

Just 48 hours after the release of iOS 12 , the operating system managed to install about 10% of users. It is this statistics leads the analytical company Mixpanel.

Curiously, if you believe the numbers, then iOS 12 lags far behind its predecessors.

So, iOS 10 only in the first day managed to install about 14.45% of users. The proportion of those who upgraded to iOS 11 reached 10% after 24 hours after the release.

It is very difficult to explain such indecision of users. iOS 12 turned out to be a very balanced and more optimized mobile OS.

So, according to a number of owners of the iPhone 6 Plus, their smartphone began to work much faster: applications, the camera, the keyboard open faster.

Earlier we published an article discussing the work of iOS 12 . If you still doubt before installing a new firmware, read the comments of our readers. MR ]

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