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In Roskomnadzor explained the blocking of the Versus-Battle movie by the struggle of the Federal Tax Service with bookmakers

The blocking of the Versus-Battle rappers Oxxxymiron and ST on YouTube is associated with the reference to the video on YouTube links to banned FBS bookmakers. About this told the press secretary of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonsky.

A frame from the video with Battle Oxxxymiron and ST on YouTube
A frame from the video with Battle Oxxxymiron and ST on YouTube

Regarding the links to banned sites, Roskomnadzor filed a complaint against YouTube. According to Ampelonsky, his agency would arrange deletion of links to bookmakers, but YouTube decided to block the whole video .

From the screenshots in the decision of the Federal Tax Service, it follows that references to banned bookmakers were placed in the description of the video. Versus Battle usually indicates there is a link to the affiliate office, and also mentions it in the form of a video ad in the video.

The text of Ampelon’s decision to provide could not, citing the fact that its content is inter-departmental information. According to him, the reason for the decision was the direct link to the site of the bookmaker office.

On YouTube – direct links to the site of an illegal bookmaker, where everything is already in progress: information on how to make a bet, and electronic payment systems, and so on. This is all prohibited by law.

Vadim Ampelonsky, Roskomnadzor press secretary

Forbidden FNS bookmaker is one of the main advertising partners of Versus Battle. In addition, the rollers often promote their own clothing brand project, as well as third-party online store electronic cigarettes.

According to Article 27 of the Law “On Advertising”, on the Internet, it is impossible to advertise risk-based games. However, this can be done on TV from 22:00 to 7:00 – it uses, for example, the transfer of “What? Where? When? “On the First Channel, which recently included a partner special department with predictions for the winnings of connoisseurs or viewers.

As explained by , a source familiar with market regulation, bookmakers try to circumvent restrictions in various ways – for example, formally advertising not the site with gambling, but the offline points for receiving bets (not prohibited by law).

In 2014, FAS fined “Yandex” for 100 thousand rubles for placing three ads of bookmakers in the network “Yandex.Direct.” In 2016, the FAS recognized the unfair advertising of BC “Olympus”, which placed banners around the perimeter of the Moscow stadium “Opening Arena” under the guise of promoting the charitable foundation of the same name. These banners got into the broadcast of “Match-TV”, held from 19:30 local time.

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