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In Kabardino-Balkaria there were clashes between OMON, Kabardins and Balkars because of the dispute about the battle of the XVIII century

The dispute over the battle of the XVIII century led to clashes in Kabardino-Balkaria. In Kabardino-Balkaria, inter-ethnic unrest and clashes with police in the aul of Kendelen continue. The reason for the conflict was the conduct by the Kabardian organizations of a horse campaign in honor of the 310th anniversary of the Kanjali battle: they believe that at that time the Circassians defeated the troops of the Crimean Tatars. The results of this battle are still painfully perceived by Turkic activists, therefore residents of the Balkarian village Kendelen forbade horsemen to pass through their territory.

Participants of the Circassian youth organizations came to the aid of the Kabardins to the village; the conflict broke out and tried to stop the forces of Rosgvardia, who eventually had to use batons and even shoot in the air.

Now the village is blocked by law enforcement agencies, the authorities of the republic are trying to agree with the participants of the clashes. The Investigative Committee began checking on the facts of attacks on the police and “inciting hatred” in social networks. Kabardian public organization “Shouey Hase” planned to conduct a horse ride on September 17 in honor of the 310th anniversary of the Kanjali battle.

It was assumed that 200 horsemen on horses of a special Kabardian breed would participate in the transition. However, shortly before the appointed time, the police held talks with activists, trying to convince them to cancel the event. As a result, the decision was made by only 30 people. Headed detachment Ibrahim Yaganov – known in the republic horse breeder, who participated in the early 1990s in the Georgian-Abkhaz war.


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