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In India, they can be sentenced for a quick divorce

The Indian authorities approved a decree according to which the practice of instantaneous Muslim divorce, known as the “triple talak”, is recognized as a criminal offense. This is reported by the Times of India .

Most of the 172 million Indian Muslims are Sunnis, whose family life is subject only to religious law. According to his instructions, characteristic of Muslims in India, a man can break a marriage by simply repeating the Arabic word “talak” three times – divorce. This is allowed to do both in person and by phone, SMS, and even social networks.

According to the Minister of Justice of the country Shankar Prasad, this practice is “barbarous and inhuman”. He stressed that 22 countries, including neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh, have already banned such a kind of marriage rupture, which is an infringement of women’s rights.

The “Triple Talak” was declared unconstitutional already last year, but now the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to tighten the rules. Those who are arrested on such a charge, now can not be released on bail. The opposition party in the congress of the country opposes such cruel punishment and suggests that it be mitigated.

As is known, in India religious confessions are allowed to solve issues of marriage, divorce and inheritance, and until recently, a verbal triple divorce from Muslim married couples was recognized by the state as officially formalized divorce.

It is worth noting that the divorce in Islam is considered the most unloved by Allah an act of the permitted.

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