How to extend iPhone’s battery life on iOS 12

Modern smartphones are just full of chips, options and features. Many of them are almost not used by most users, but they consume battery power, reducing the autonomy of the gadget.

Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or LTE today is unacceptable, but it’s perfectly feasible to configureor temporarily disable other system parameters.

Here are a few steps that will greatly increase the battery life of your smartphone. Some people will begin to live stably until the end of the day, and some will not last a couple of days without recharging.

Step # 1. Customize notifications

One of the main consumers of charge is notification. With a large number of messages, the display of the iPhone can almost not go out, which does not have the best effect on the autonomy of the smartphone.

You can, by the old habit, go to the Settings – Notifications menu and go through the list of applications, turning off unnecessary ones, or you can use the new iOS 12 chip.

To not view the list of tens or hundreds of applications, it is enough to manage new incoming notifications directly from the lock screen.

Lateral svayp thus causes an additional menu with actions from which you can temporarily silence notifications or completely disable them.

After a few days of active monitoring and management, messages from unnecessary applications will be disabled.

Step number 2. Turn off Location Services

Another gluttonous chip is GPS. Location detection is increasingly becoming the base option in any game or program. So they are trying to follow us, offering an advertisement suitable for the region.

Any application on the first run asks for permission to determine the location, if you accidentally allowed to use GPS – go to Settings – Privacy – Geolocation services and turn off access for most applications.

Leave the cartographic services, weather applications and camera (if you put tags on the photo). Most other programs do not need your location data.

On forget to look in section System services . Here, the most important is the Find an iPhonechip , the other switches are customizable.

Step # 3. We regulate the content update

Background processes sometimes consume the energy of a smartphone no less than active programs and games. This is especially noticeable on a smartphone with hundreds of applications and services.

First, go to Settings – iTunes Store and App Store . Here you can turn off automatic downloading of music, programs, books and updates for applications.

Then follow the path Settings – General – Update the content and disable access for most applications. Do not forget to leave the background update for the mail applications, instant messengers and other programs in which it really is needed.

Step # 4. Turn off visual effects

Since the release of iOS 7, this option remains unchanged. Switch on the path Settings – General – Universal access – Reducing traffic allows you to remove smooth transitions, icons, animations and other decorations of the system.

The smartphone will work visually faster, especially on older iPhone models.

Do not forget the Reducing Transparency switch . This is another great way to speed up the gadget a little and reduce the load on the battery.

Step # 5. Reduce auto-lock time

Another bearded, but very effective advice. Especially it is useful to those who practically does not block the smartphone with a side button, but leaves the device, allowing it to go into standby mode independently.

In the Settings – Screen and Brightness – Auto Lock menu, you can reduce the current value to a minute or even 30 seconds. Most users will be enough.

Step # 6. Disable the quick launch of Siri

One of the voice assistant chips allows you to activate it with a key phrase without touching the smartphone. It’s fun and fun, but not all use this opportunity.

At this time, a special module monitors what is happening and waits for the key phrase, consuming the battery charge.

Go to Settings – Siri and Search and turn off Play “Hi Siri” .

The voice assistant can be conveniently launched with the help of Apple Watch, HomePod, AirPods, CarPlay system, and also Siri is on the Mac, so as not to drive the smartphone in vain.

Step # 7. We increase the interval for checking mail

Now more and more communication is conducted through instant messengers, the mail has come to the back burner. It’s time to increase the interval of checking letters to save a little battery charge.

On the Path Settings – Passwords and Accounts – Downloading data, you can change the interval to 15, 30 or 60 minutes. You can even manually check mail when the application starts.

Step # 8. Turn off physical activity tracking

Your iPhone counts the steps and the distance traveled, surprised? Tray Tracking fitness in the way Settings – Privacy – Movement and fitness can turn a smartphone into a kind of pedometer.

This is used for some applications and for collecting statistics.

All for similar purposes for a long time there is Apple Watch or any Mi Band . Boldly turn off the chip to save battery.

Step number 9. Using Screen Time

The new iOS 12 chip allows you to track the time spent in applications and set limits for certain programs.

This is done for self-monitoring and is designed for responsible users.

Turn on the control system in the Settings – Screen Time menu and continue to use the iPhone. On Sunday we will receive a report on the time spent with the smartphone and the applications used with this smartphone.

We draw the appropriate conclusions and establish a restriction on the use of the most add-on applications in the Program Limits section .

So the system will notify you of excessive use of the gadget, and we, while putting the smartphone aside, will extend the time of its autonomous work.

Step number 10. Set Do Not Disturb

And without that useful option in iOS 12 received a few cool innovations.

First, turn on the chip in the Settings – Do Not Disturb and set the time interval at night so that the smartphone will block notifications during this period.

After that, we get used to the new feature of the regime. A long tap on the Do Not Disturbbutton in the Control Panel allows you to enable the mode until the end of the current event in the calendar, until you leave the current position, for an hour or until the evening.

So you can immediately cut off a lot of untimely messages and save battery power.

Step number 11. Find the most voracious applications

Another innovation of iOS 12 allows you to quickly identify programs that consume the most battery power.

Statistics on the use of the battery was in the previous version of the system, but in the new one added a convenient and intuitive graph. It is located in the Settings – Battery menu .

First, we select the period in 24 hours or 10 days, then we can click on the peak values ​​and see which applications have consumed the charge at that time.

So it turns out to determine what the smartphone spends most of the charge. A heavy messenger can be changed to a more optimized, gluttonous program, you can find a worthy alternative.

Almost always it is possible to refuse from this or that service in favor of more sparing for the battery of the smartphone.

Step number 12. Set the dark wallpaper

New models of the iPhone X, XS and XS Max are equipped with modern OLED-matrices. The more black they display, the less energy they consume.

It has long been proven that wallpapers with a predominance of black on these iPhone models have a positive effect on autonomy.

The most daring can include the semblance of a dark theme of design – the smart inversion mode. There is a switch in the Settings – Basic – Universal access – Display adaptation – Color inversion .

Using several tips in the article, you can easily extend the battery life of the iPhone for several hours.

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