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Hell is for arachnophobe. In the Greek town of spiders overlapped coast of 300-meter cobweb

In the town of Aitoliko in the west of Greece suffer from the invasion of spiders, who have chosen the local coast and in huge quantities weave a web: on grass, trees, bushes. And in all the blame for the abnormally warm weather for this time of year.

It is reported that it is because of the weather on the island in large numbers at first bred insects. Excess food led to a demographic explosion in spiders of the genus Tetragnatha, who like to settle near water bodies, have long legs and elongated torsos. Due to their light weight, they can run pretty fast on the water.

For people, they are not dangerous, writes The Guardian . However, as for nature itself. On the contrary, they will help reduce the mosquito population, which harassed the residents of the city.

A similar phenomenon was observed by locals in 2003. The spike in the number of spiders has been replaced by their mass extinction, when the food ration is noticeably scant.

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