GoPro released a new camera Hero 7

In the same form factor, with improved stabilization of HyperSmooth. She can record 4K60fps in this mode. 430 euros on preorder.

Company GoPro introduced a new generation of action-shooter Hero7 with the consoles White, Silver and Black. But they differ not only in colors but also in characteristics and prices. The three will cost $ 200, $ 300 and $ 400 respectively. Let’s go to the characteristics and stabilization, which in the expensive model promises to be impressive.

The first two models have the same dimensions 62.3 × 44.9 × 28.3 mm. By weight, they differ only by a couple of grams (92.4 vs. 94.4). The older model is 62.3 × 44.9 × 33 mm in size and 116 g in weight. Attachments and accessories from the cameras of the previous generation should be approached.

Hero7 White can shoot video in Full HD resolution at a frame rate of 60 per second. No 4K.

Hero7 Silver can do the same, but also shoot in 4K with a frequency of 30 fps. These two models have a non-removable battery, and they take a photo with a resolution of 10 megapixels (up to 15 frames per second for continuous shooting).

Hero7 Black produces a picture in Full HD with a frequency of 240 fps and 4K with a frequency of 60 fps. She also takes photos at 12 megapixels (30 frames per second for serial shooting), she can also replace the battery, you can also connect a microphone to her.

The most interesting innovation is the shooting mode Hypersmooth (“Hyper-smoothing”), which is available in the older model with a steep processor. This is an electronic image stabilization, over which the company has been working for several years. With the help of the processor, additional RAM and sensors built into the camera, the device allegedly predicts how the camera will move, tremble and how to crop the image so that it looks perfectly stabilized. Video examples of this magic from the manufacturer (and from the first journalists who got the device) are attached.

In addition, the older camera can stream video on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Vimeo.

All new items can boast of touch screens, protection from water and dust, a USB-C connector. They will be on sale on September 27th.

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