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For the US military will develop electric shocks

US Marine Corps

The command of the US Marines published a request for information (N183-140) on the development of new small-caliber stun cartridges for firearms, through which it would be possible for some time to disable people. According to the demand of the military, the cost of one cartridge should not exceed one thousand dollars.

Currently, the Army, the Marines and the US Navy, in addition to firearms, use electroshock pistols of non-lethal effect of the Taser X-26. This weapon fires with small electrodes connected to the gun by thin wiring. When the electrodes get into a person, electrical wiring begins to be applied to the wiring, temporarily paralyzing the target.

Shops with electrodes for civilian Taser users are supplied with a wiring length of 4.5 meters, and the military and police receive stores with wiring increased to 10.6 meters long. The duration of electric pulses in the X-26 is limited to five seconds. After electroshock, the target can recover within a few minutes.

According to the requirements of the US Marine Corps, electroshock cartridges should not be connected to wiring with the weapon itself. The range of fire with shells of such cartridges should be not less than 100 meters. The duration of generation of electric pulses with a total charge value of not more than 50 coulombs should not be from 30 seconds to three minutes.

Electroshock cartridges should be suitable for standard 9 mm guns, as well as smoothbore caliber 12 and grenade launchers caliber of 40 millimeters. The development of new ammunition will be carried out in three stages: the preparation of a concept, the production and testing of experimental versions and large-scale tests of modified samples of cartridges.

Earlier, the Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the development of a laser gun. The gun, called ZKZM-500, is classified as a non-lethal weapon class designed to target targets at ranges up to 800 meters.

According to the developers, the radiation of ZKZM-500 leads to rapid charring of the surface layer of the skin, causing unbearable burning sensation, and also can set fire to clothes on the enemy. The weight of the gun is three kilograms. The power of the weapon can be increased to, for example, “burn the walls of fuel tanks on cars and set fire to fuel.”

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