First reviews and impressions of Apple Watch Series 4

It’s very soon that sales of Apple Watch Series 4 start. Some foreign publications have already received a novelty and share their impressions.

All resources were more than satisfied with the fourth-generation smart-watches. But there were some minor nuances.

1. The Verge

This year, the Apple Watch turned out simply delightful. All built-in functions like music, workouts, calls, text messages, podcasts and everything … everything works better than ever.

The only “bummer” – Siri. I still can not trust her with everything I would like to do. She just does not understand half.

If you are considering this watch with a view to health, then I’ll hurry up disappointed. Passive monitoring of cardiac problems and falls can be literally vitally important.

But these functions are not yet available , and we will need to check what they really are in real life.

2. iMore

If you have an iPhone, you definitely need Apple Watch. And best of all – Series 4.

Apple Watch can not replace your iPhone. Not yet. But they can save your life . If your heart rate is elevated or slowed down, your Apple Watch can alert you and continue collecting data so you can check with your doctor.

If you fall and feel bad, the clock will immediately make a phone call.

But if you do not need such health care, you can save and buy an Apple Watch Series 3 for $ 279 (GPS) or $ 379 (LTE).

Despite the fact that the device has a new design and a magnificent display from edge to edge, it’s still an expensive gadget. And it does not have enough full-featured sleep tracking and Always-on-Display.

If you already have an old Apple Watch, you are probably wondering if you really need LTE versions or in a completely new design.

And if in the case of Series 0 and Series 1 I have no questions about the update, and for Series 2 you can find a compromise solution, then in the case of Series 3 you should really want a new screen and a built-in ECG function. Otherwise, Series 4 you just do not need.


The Apple Watch Series 4 simply has a stunning bright screen. It is clearly visible under the direct rays of the sun, and the dimensions are simply impressive.

The new watchOS 5 dials look great on the big screen. A new function of the ECG will send the readings to the doctor by mail. True, while the function is unavailable and to see it failed.

Do not rush with the purchase .

If you are the first to buy a fitness tracker or a smart watch, buy last year’s Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS for $ 279.

If you have an Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2 and you carry them daily, go to the Apple Watch Series 4. This is a good update, you will enjoy a wider screen and new features to keep track of your performance. They work lightning fast thanks to an advanced 64-bit processor.


Despite the larger screen and faster processor, the battery seems to have remained virtually unchanged. As with the Series 3, the battery life depends on how you use the clock.

The dynamics of the smart clock turned out to be louder, although I rarely used it. The moved microphone should also be better, but the interlocutors did not notice the difference with the Series 3 .

On the one hand, this is a big step forward for Apple. Especially on the screen and LTE connections. But if you are worried about the battery life, nothing has changed now.

Nevertheless, I think that the owners of Series 3 will most likely remain with their smart-watches. I do not see a great reason to go.

5. The New York Times

I honestly do not know how the built-in fall detector works in the Apple Watch Series 4. I fell several times in the house clock on the mattress, climbed the walls during the “rock climbing” and fell on the mattress. But the clock only vibrated once, to show me a notification from Instagram.

As for the issue of health, the clock completely satisfied me. And how happy I am that the ECG sensor showed that I’m all right.

But if you think about the global upgrade of Series 3 to Series 4, then everything is quite difficult. If you do not have a watch, then you should think about buying the third series, now is the time.

True, for the sake of a large screen from edge to edge and a powerful processor with advanced health chips, it’s reasonable to upgrade to Series 4 from Series 0 and Series 1.

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