Director John M. Chu took a short film on the iPhone XS Max without additional accessories

For the shoots, stabilizers or special lighting were not used, and the final image was not processed.

Wired asked the director of “Madly Rich Asians” John M. Chu to shoot a short film for the new iPhone XS Max. In a video called Somewhere, dancer Luigi Rosado rehearses in a “secret” garage. Chu did not use additional equipment, with which Apple often withdraws their commercials.

I did not have literally any equipment. I’ve seen many examples of videos about iPhones and sometimes they [Apple] used different lenses or professional lights. I did not have any of this.

John M. Chu

The installer shot the movie in natural light and using the standard Camera application. Chu edited the video on the computer, but did not apply color correction or post-production effects: only editing techniques.

In a conversation with Wired, the director said that he was impressed with how the iPhone managed to shoot in motion and with natural light. To challenge himself, he deliberately decided to shoot in a garage with fluorescent lamps. According to him, in the movement the smartphone lost focus, but in the end it found the right object perfectly.

The director was also struck by the accuracy of the iPhone XS Max’s color capture. According to Chu, the smartphone has very accurately transferred the real colors from the garage.

After testing, the director told Wired that he would switch to the new iPhone “without questions”.

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