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Concept: “Smart” jacket for all seasons with temperature control from Xiaomi

Only now, and the jacket is loaded.

Xiaomi owns the Shanghai startup Runmi Technology, which develops accessories and clothing for the Chinese market. In September 2018, the firm introduced a“smart” light jacket with support for the function of temperature control and heat distribution. According to the developers, this allows you to use their clothes in any season.

The Heatex system, powered by a 10,000 mAh battery, is activated by pressing a button on the sleeve. Maximum heating jacket – about 50 degrees, this temperature, it can hold up to eight hours. The surface of the novelty is covered with a water-repellent layer, and the company also built a short-circuit protection system.

Heating goes in the neck and back, but is evenly distributed throughout the body. The developers noted that the jacket has already passed all the necessary tests. The technology itself turns off the heating function if necessary.

Runmi Technology launched a fundraising project for the smart jackets on the Xiaomi road-hosting platform and in a few days received more than 2 million yuan instead of the required 10,000.

This is not the first outerwear with a heating function: for example, Ravean sellsthese jackets for $ 300. The Chinese equivalent costs 549 yuan (79 dollars or 5.5 thousand rubles). Deliveries of smart jackets will begin on October 15.

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