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Bowie, Versus Battle and Labuteny: what Russians were looking for in Google in 2016

Google published the video “Year in Search 2016”, which analyzed the most popular requests of residents of Russia in 2016.

“In 2016, Russian users were interested in a variety of topics in the search for Google: from elections and the Olympics to chess, rap battles and memes,” emphasize the company.

Under the musical accompaniment of Yaroslav Degtyareva, who performed on the show “The Voice” with the song “Cuckoo”, the video showed the parody of Ivan Urgant and Nikolai Baskov for the song “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”, Pokemon GO, frames from Versus Battle and much more.

December 14 published and the world version of the results of the year from Google. The list included a large number of terrorist attacks around the world, the war in Syria, US elections and famous people who died – actor Alan Rickman, singer Prince and boxer Mohammed Ali.

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