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Australia’s largest supermarket chain stopped selling sewing needles, which are put in strawberries

The motives of the criminals are unknown, but there is already the first suspect.

Found in the strawberry needle. Photo from the facebook of a resident of Queensland

From the Australian network of supermarkets Woolworths, all sewing needles were temporarily removed, local media reported with reference to the representative of the company. The country’s largest retailer suspended sales in all stores after detecting sharp objects in the strawberry.

A representative of Woolworths called the network solution a “precautionary measure” and explained what puts the safety of customers first. When the needles again appear in the sale of the network, it is unknown.

As the BBC notes , Woolworths made a decision after several in Australia’s shops suspended the sale of goods from several brands of strawberries. The publication stressed that the investigation of the situation is conducted in the conditions of “fear and growing anxiety in society”.

Woolworths is considered the largest supermarket chain in Australia – 995 stores are open in the country. The retailer indicates that it purchases 96% of all fresh fruits and vegetables from Australian producers.

After 9 September in fruit and berries for sale in Australia , several sewing needles hidden inside the strawberry were found. Some locals found sharp objects, cutting them in a supermarket.

September 19, the Australian police announced the appearance of the first suspect – a teenager whose name and age are not reported. His motives are unknown, but, presumably, he imitated other criminals. The authorities promised to pay a fee for information about placing needles in strawberries. According to the main version, someone from the farmers hid the needles for personal reasons. Criminals face up to 10 years in prison.

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