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VKontakte launches a games store

Social network “VKontakte” announced the launch of its own games store for computers and consoles based on the VK Pay commerce service. Selling is planned not only by games, but also by monthly subscriptions to services for Xbox and PlayStation.

After payment, the key and the instruction to activate the game come in the user’s private messages. While in the directory there are not so many fresh and relevant games. Mostly these were released a few years ago titles from Electronic Arts, Blizzard. However, representatives of the social network promise to constantly update the catalog and connect new publishers. In addition, exclusive discounts and cashback are promised, which will be returned to the user’s wallet “VKontakte”.

The partners of the store were ePay and Softclub, which act as sellers of digital goods. The social commerce platform VK Pay was launched at the end of June. With its help, you can buy and sell goods and services in VKontakte communities.

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