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“VKontakte” launched a platform of podcasts without advertising and time restrictions

But only select communities can upload them.

Photo «VKontakte»

VKontakte launched a free platform for posting and listening to podcasts. Unlike audio, users can listen to them in the background without any time restrictions on any device.

In addition, you can change the playback speed and share a direct link to a specific episode. If the user pauses or turns on the podcast on another device, the system will remember the moment at which it stopped and start playback from it.

When a group or community posts a podcast, subscribers will receive a notification. All publications with podcasts are collected in a special tape.

Only selected communities can download podcasts. To join the platform, authors need to send an application. Podcasters can get not only the reaction of listeners, but also detailed statistics: how many users have included the podcast, added it to the bookmarks and from which devices they reproduced. While VKontakte has not added tools to monetize podcasts, it plans to do so in the future. The press service of the social network said that it is not yet planned to add advertising, as in audio recordings.

After the announcement of the VKontakte platform in May interviewed podcast authors said that for existing projects the social network will become only one of the distribution sites, and they do not plan to leave other platforms.

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